35mm Portraits | Gaya

This was truly one of my favourite portrait shoots ever! Gaya was such a beautiful model to work with, she was so natural in front of the camera and seemed so at peace by the ocean. We collaborated with Sarah Saunders, a florist visiting from New York. Our shoot took place at Clovelly Beach in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, and we had perfect sunny weather.

All of these shots were taken on 35mm film, using a mixture of Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Ultramax 400 and Kodak Gold 200. I absolutely love the bright colours and strong contrast that Ektar provides, which is why I enjoy taking that particular film with me when I know its going to bright and sunny.

I played around with double exposures and some vintage Cokin filters to get these dreamy analogue effects. None of these were edited digitally, the magic was all created on film inside the camera!